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Calling All Artists, Creatives, and Designers for a Design Contest


Eariously is software that lets you listen to the things you want to read.


At Eariously, we’re working on a few projects that involve embedding a play button on webpages.


If you’re interested in entering the design contest, your job is to create an iconic play button for these projects.


Some considerations:

  • Have more than one idea? You can submit as many entries as you’d like.

  • You can define “iconic” in whatever way you’d like.

  • You can use whatever medium you’re most comfortable using. So far, we’ve received entries in Photoshop, charcoal sketch, Sketch, watercolor, and permanent markers.

  • The design does not have to be digital, in nature.

  • FYI: Eariously is spelled with Open Sans.

  • FYI: The hex code of our orange is #EC6B2D.

  • An “E” doesn’t have to be incorporated in the play button, but some early entries have included this (and we’ve liked these a lot).


The winning designer will be paid $50 after signing over IP of the design to Eariously.


If you’d like to enter:

  • Please send your design to Nick ([email protected])

  • Please include the subject line, “Eariously Play Button Design Contest”

  • The deadline for entering is Wednesday, May 1st, at 11:59 PM.



  • Just ask the icon in the corner. (This is an instant messaging service we use.)

  • If I’m not at my desk, I will respond as soon as I’m back.