Love making things?


Hey! You really should apply to Colby’s Idea and Venture Pitch Competition.



There are two ways for you to be part of the pitch competition.

And one might be more right for you.

Also! It’s very okay if you don’t have a team. We can match you to one.

We just have a few (super quick) questions for you to answer.

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How far along are you in making something?

Hey, it’s perfectly okay if you haven’t started quite yet.

We’re here to help!



Don’t have an idea? That’s okay! We can assign you to a team.


You don’t have to have a team to enter the Pitch Competition!

To enter the competition without a team, you’ll just need to fill out the entry form and select, “I don't have an idea or venture, but would like to join a team.”



Maybe you should enter the Idea Pitch Competition!


The Idea Pitch Competition just requires an idea and an inkling of how you might make money. That’s it!

You’ll pitch your ideas for two minutes and receive two minutes of questions.

1st place wins $1,000

2nd place wins $500

3rd place wins $100.

All entrants receive access to the Made in Waterville space at 173 Main Street in Waterville for the spring semester and the fall 2019 semester.

The deadline for entering is April 3rd.



Maybe you should enter the Venture Pitch Competition!


The Venture Pitch Competition requires a robust business plan (including how you’ll make money and use your prize winnings). You’ll also need to create a product or service prototypes.

You’ll pitch your ideas for five minutes and receive three minutes of questions.

$20,000 is up for grabs, and the judges will decide how to split it up. Last year, the winners took all of it.

All entrants receive access to the Made in Waterville space at 173 Main Street in Waterville for the spring semester and the fall 2019 semester.

The deadline for entering is February 15th.



To get started on your journey to world domination, you’ll have to first write a few things!


To enter either of the competitions, you’ll need to complete a small presentation of your project and submit an entry form.

We made you a pitch competition template to give you a head start. And then you’ll be able to fly through filling out the entry form.

Just click on the buttons to see what’s in store for you. (They’ll open in a new window).




Let’s start making things! We’re so excited that you’re excited.


Nick Rimsa, Colby ‘13 and JanPlan Instructor of Product Design, would love to help you.

It’s very okay if you’re not sure where to start, how to get started, what to do next, or how to improve what you’ve already made so far.

Nick’s favorite thing on Earth is to make things. Just two students from his JanPlan course had ever made software, and the entire class finished the course by making things. (Nick’s a non-technical designer himself.)

Colby students are really good at making things, and way more should be doing just that. Like you!

To get started, you’ll just have to pick a time to meet with him in Colby’s new Made in Waterville space.

Located at: 173 Main Street in Waterville.

Above Portland Pie. 🍕🍕🍕

Click the button below to pick a time from Nick’s calendar this week.

When you select a time that works for your schedule, Nick will then send an email with a few more details!


You’re a Colby alum? We’d love, love, love your help!

We’d love to better bridge the gap between students exploring the world of entrepreneurship, software, and technology and the Colby alums who work in it.

So, we thought we’d start an email newsletter showing off what students are making and what they need help with!

We promise to try not to spam you too much!

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Now you’re just pressing our buttons.

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It looks like you might try things to see how they work!

Don’t love following the rules?

Haven’t found your “thing” in school?

Does it bother you that grades are your biggest indicator of success or failure?


You! You might just be a designer.

Seriously, you’re the perfect person to make things with us.

Let’s set up a time to start making things already!