Will you join Eariously for the spring semester?

For the spring semester, we will be working in three teams.

Which of the following teams looks most interesting to you?

On-Campus Feedback and Improvements (Biggest Group)

By the end of the semester, we want at least 1,000 students to have tried Eariously on Colby’s campus. On our campus, we want > 100 students who love Eariously.

What this role involves

  • Talking with lots of students and asking lots of questions

  • Keeping very organized on our way to adding all the material from every class syllabus to Eariously

  • Communicating quickly and effectively with what’s working and what’s not

  • Heading to classes to speak about Eariously and how to use it

  • Providing assistance to students who are confused or having trouble


Making Content of What We’re Doing

By the end of the semester, we want to have driven 2,000 people/week to the public-facing website.

What this role involves

  • Lots of writing and publishing

  • Creating videos and sharing

  • Highlighting students who love what we’re doing

  • Thinking of clever ways to spread the word online about what we’re doing (we want to take this little spark we have on campus and make it seem huge) and then making those things.


Signing Up Other Schools

By the end of the semester, we want 25 other colleges with 100-student waiting lists so that we can bring Eariously to them in the fall.

What this role involves

  • Talking with friends at other schools about what you’re working on to find other students interested.

  • Using the Colby community on campus to find especially awesome students at other schools

  • Helping students understand how to spread the word about Eariously on their campus (what worked and what doesn’t)

  • Organizing students at other schools to ensure they’re on track with meeting targets.

  • Bringing everyone together on a weekly basis to share what’s working and what’s not working.

Our first meeting will take place:

Tuesday, February 26th

7:00-10:00 PM

Made in Waterville Space


As a group, we’ll meet once weekly, and you’ll be responsible for completing your responsibilities throughout the week. Our meetings will be to talk about what we did, how things went, improving processes, and figuring out what’s next.


Can we count you in for the spring semester?

Because there are students on our applicant waiting list, can you please let us know via the form below by Saturday, February 23rd, at 11:11 PM ET?

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