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500+ Voices • 50+ Languages • MP3 & WAV Export • Full SSML Support • Full Podcast Capabilities • Commercial Use
Feature Category
Create Podcast with Blog RSS Feed
❌ Eariously allowes multiple podcasts as per selected plans. Data extracted from each item's url from the RSS Feed.
Notify if new episode is created
Audio format (.mp3, .wav)
Audio speed
Audio Sample rate
✅ From 8KHz to 48KHz
Emphasis sentences
❌ SSML Tag
Say As Tags
❌ Say as- Character (spell out), Ordinal, Cardinal, Digit, Fraction, Expletive
Custom Pronunciation
❌ SSML tag
Custom Pronunciation Library
Import text from Doc File
Import text from Txt File
Import text from URL
Pause Library
Voice Style
✅ For some specific voices only
Default Voices
✅ Eariously has seperated default voice for Podcasts and Files.
Create Podcast From files
✅ In Play.ht, Each files created manually, are considered as podcast's episodes. Only ONE PODCAST can be created.
Audio preview from the Editor
✅ Entire passage is previewed without causing any credits.
Embed Audio to other websites
✅ iFrame is used to embed a specific audio
Custom Player
✅ Play.ht allows to customize the embeded audio player as per user's desire.
Save Draft
❌ Coming Soon
✅ Play.ht saves edited texts to draft for future editing.
Customer support through Live Chat & Email

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There are so many reasons Eariously is the best text to speech (TTS) tool for your needs:

Easy to Use

Eariously is the most user-friendly text to speech converter available online. It is quick and easy to use, and requires no special skills or prior experience.

AI Voice Over Generator

If you’re looking for a text to speech converter that’s fast, easy, and accurate, look no further than Eariously. Thanks to our AI system, all you have to do is load your text and our AI will generate amazing voiceovers.

Realistic Voices

If you want to natural-sounding voices, simply add more depth and intrigue to your audio. You can apply adjustments (pitch, pronunciations, etc) to any voice. Eariously offers hundreds of voices to choose from across dozens of languages.

Multiple Languages and Accents

Eariously provides an easy way to convert text to multiple audio languages, with support for English (USA and UK), Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, and more.

Speech Modifications

Customize any voice output using various speech modification tools such as pitch, pronunications, and more. The possibilities are endless to achieve the perfect voiceover.

Custom Pronunciations

Define how certain words are pronounced. Save and re-use these custom pronunciations when synthesizing speech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We want you to experience the functionality for yourself so we offer a free account to generate 1000 words of audio. You can also preview all voices before subscribing to a paid plan.

Typically, all texts are synthesized within minutes by our enterprise level servers and back-end architecture. You can expect to wait a few more minutes if your text is large. On average, a 1000 word item takes our system no more than 2-3 minutes. Once the audio is ready, the files will be available in your dashboard to download.

We provide a SSML editor which allows you to use the following features:

  • Pitch – Adjust the pitch of the voice to deepen or soften a voice. 
  • Emphasis (volume) – Increase or decrease the emphasis of a specific word or sentence to add more dynamic voices.
  • Rate – The speaking rate allows you to increase or decrease the speed of voice.
  • Pronunciations – Our Pronunciation Library allows you to save custom pronunciations you use frequently and automatically have them applied to all uploaded texts.
  • Pauses – Add custom pauses anywhere for different punctuation marks to create a more natural speaking tone.

Yes. All voices can be used for commercial purposes. Please refer to our Pricing page to select the appropriate plan that offers commercial rights.

Yes. If you choose to create a podcast, we automatically generate a podcast RSS feed which is compatible with all the major podcast distributors such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

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