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Eariously is software that lets you listen to the things you want to read.


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Who We Are


The company is currently operated by two co-creators* and some awesome college students.

After graduating from Colby College, Nick Rimsa worked at Evercore as a tech-focused sales trader. Upon returning from hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT), he began making software, and forged a community of 5,000 strangers helping strangers in New York. Before co-creating Eariously with Brendan, he worked as a product manager for a number of different projects and companies.

After Berklee College of Music, Brendan Barr quickly pivoted from music to programming. Since, he’s enjoyed working at agencies and startups, and (really) enjoyed creating products himself. He hiked 1,600 miles on the AT in 2003, and the fact that Nick has actually completed a thru-hike does not secretly bother Brendan at all.**

* We also work closely with Ghislaine Guerin, who lives in Madrid. She’s the world’s kindest human, and she’s a software designer extraordinaire.

** While Nick will be embedded into the Colby community for the many cold months (and the chilly spring months) of 2019, Brendan and his wife permanently live in Los Angeles.

Awesome and Incredible College Students: Our team is also made up of a small team of kind, dependable, curious, responsible, creative, and insightful college students. We’re building software for students, and we think it’s important to be experts about how college students learn. We think that there’s no better way to learn than to embed ourselves in a college community and learn from the experts (you).


Who You Are


It’s very important to us that you care about the things you work on and that you believe in what we’re building.

We’re all working towards creating a unique and valuable product, and we aren’t particularly interested in your GPA, class year, or field of study.

We’re most interested in surrounding ourselves with interesting and kind people.


What You Might Be Working On


Students from our current team of Eariously teammates will be leading groups focused on learning and prototyping a number of different things and products.

The Morning Wave: We’ve found that students are bombarded with unnecessary information. The Wave is a personalized morning audio digest of what’s happening in a students’ life, ready to listen first thing in the morning.

Eariously Original Listening: Feeling censored? Starting with Anonymously, we believe in impactful writing about about the things you think about, but never talk about. Or, in this case, write about.

Onboarding Courses: Eariously is built for learning. A team will be responsible for helping students to get started with Eariously and collecting student feedback, so we can continue to improve our product. If Eariously is a virus, how many courses can you effectively spread what we’re making?

Getting Professors and Accessibility Onboard: Building for students is unequivocally our first priority. But, given that Eariously is an accessibility tool, we find it important to include both professors and the accessibility team into what we’re creating.

Chrome Hub: We built Chrome extension a while ago, and put it on the shelf until we solidified our mobile experience. Now that we’ve built a solid foundation, we’re very excited to be pushing ahead with turning Chrome into a learning hub.


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