Anonymously is a bi-weekly set of essays written anonymously by students. We write about the things we talk about in private, but never share out loud. You can listen all of our essays by downloading Eariously.


Wanna write an essay for the first series of essays?


Our first prompt is simply, “Are you happy here?”

The due date for our first series of essays is due on Friday, March 15th at 11:59 PM.

The publish date for our first series of essays on Eariously on Monday, March 18th.


How does this work?


If you’re interested in responding to the prompt, you’ll submit an essay below.

There’s no word minimum or maximum.

If you’re sharing sensitive information, please be sure not to include any identifiable information in your essay.

We’ll edit for clarity (without removing meaning).

If we decide to publish your essay, you’ll be able to listen on Eariously.


Is it okay to contact you?


If you’d like to be in touch with Nick, one of Eariously’s co-creators, he can pass your message (without revealing your personal information) to Anonymously's student editor.

Nick’s email is [email protected]


So, are you happy here?


When you submit, your essay will be sent to Nick and the student editor of Anonymously.